Starter Templates

Start with a beautifully designed site. All you have to do is change the text and images. Any template can easily be customized to suit any genre

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All Templates Include These

AuthorSites Features

Easy Customization

Quickly select your perfect colors and fonts site-wide

We made our templates insanely easy for you to set up exactly the way you want them.

You can quickly and easily change the color palette across the entire website in a matter of clicks. You can change the fonts used as headings, body, or set individual heading types across the entire site at once as well.

We’ve taken care of the design for you while keeping in mind that you want it to look like your author site. So have fun giving it your own unique spark!

List Growth Made Simple

No book funnel software needed

A big email list enables you to launch new books to an eagerly waiting audience. It gives you a pool of fans to share your posts, recommend your books, and rally around your message.

Email is a direct line to your fan base that isn’t influenced by changing social media algorithms and platforms.

We’ve set up AuthorSites to help make growing your list as easy as getting interested readers on your website. The entire website user journey is designed to sign them up for your free ebook (or other digital download giveaways) and join your list.

The website itself hosts the download. You simply send them to a dedicated downloads page once they’ve signed up.

Full Compatibility

WordPress based means it plays nice with other platforms

We chose to make AuthorSites based on the most widely used, most popular website platform on the internet (by far): WordPress.

If you’ve ever tried to connect something to a website (Facebook Ads, Email Software, etc.) you’ll notice something: WordPress is almost always the first option on the list (sometimes the only option!)

Why? Because WordPress powers a full third of all websites online. So everyone supports smoothly connecting to it.

We’ve also built AuthorSites using the most up-to-date, super-fast, website-building workflow on WordPress. So you can have the best options, without sacrificing user experience.

Lightning Fast Load Times

No one has time for a slow site these days

It’s no secret that website load times are more important than ever before. If your site doesn’t load in a flash, those visitors you’ve worked so hard for… have clicked away to somewhere else.

That’s why, even on average hosting, AuthorSites load like lightning.

Responsive Design

Means your site looks great on any device

Website browsing is done more on mobile devices today than on desktop computers. The problem with that is phones and tablets come in all types of screen shapes and sizes.

AuthorSites templates adjust to any screen size automatically. This means visitors will have a great experience on your site, no matter the viewing device.

SEO Friendly

Our pages are structured with SEO in mind

There’s nothing worse than having a great-looking site, that no one can find because when they search your name, you don’t even come up!

Google “fantasy author websites”, “romance author websites”, “horror author websites”, or most any “author website” related search on Google.

You’ll see our website (Rocket Expansion) at the top, or close to it.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned about ranking well in search engines and built it into our AuthorSite templates.

We also provide a guide with resources to help you do the actions that will get you more search traffic from search results over time.

Handy Help Guide, Friendly Support

If our help guide isn’t helping, our support team will!

We constantly get feedback from our members so that we can regularly improve our support documentation and upgrade our support team efficiency.

If you’re running into trouble just pop us a message and we’ll help you sorted it out.

We also have a growing Facebook group where you can meet other AuthorSites members and share winning formulas on marketing your books and using the AuthorSites platform.

All Templates Include Our

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund any time within the first two weeks after your purchase.

You’ll have the opportunity to contact support first to try and get the issue resolved as well if you’d prefer that.